Our core business is augmenting and improving current systems of infrastructure, information technology, and digital assets by seamlessly integrating products and services related to the metaverse, Web3, and beyond.

Metaverse Hub

We are building a metahub – WEN Tokyo – a physical building accessible via digital tokens that represent memberships in the real and virtual spaces we are creating. Within #WENTokyo we are curating Web3 and Metaverse projects that technologically bridge the virtual and the real worlds. This property will feature facilities and digital experiences including accommodation, food and beverage outlets, lounges, exhibition & display areas, co-working spaces, and fully-equipped interactive rooms to build and create digital content and foster innovative and engaging interaction with the Metaverse.


We deploy capital into viable and innovative web3 infrastructure projects which build on the natural evolution of the internet from web2 to web3 and seek to create easier, pragmatic interaction between consumers and the Metaverse. As brand and consumer behaviour shifts, we aim to accelerate the advent of online community engagement, shared virtual experiences, and enhanced online brand associations.

We are investing in a new approach to digital marketplaces. To facilitate trade between the physical world and the virtual realm, we operate a simple-to-use platform for creating, buying, and selling digital tokens. Our marketplace allows safe and easy management of digital collections using simple payment systems in Japanese yen, and facilitating transactions between companies, brands, and artists without holding any funds on the customer’s behalf.

Advisory & Consulting

We challenge brands to reformulate their strategy, redefine their identity, reinterpret their DNA and retell their story to create relevant web3 engagement with present and future customers, users, followers, fans, and collectors. This revised shared interaction is steered towards ultimate consumer ownership of brand experiences, thereby creating renewed and lasting brand associations. 

Our web3 development initiatives provide end-to-end strategies, creative ideation, asset creation, collaborative partnerships, social media and community management, and execution to permanently connect the future of physical and digital commerce.