We exist to facilitate brands, builders, artists, companies, individuals, and communities transition into Web3 and beyond – applying evolving and emerging technologies to create future-forward, yet practical, solutions and use-cases for all.

Full-scope digital market-entry initiatives

Using digital-first campaigns focused on emergent technologies and brand experiences that harness the power of blockchain, we let brands define their story and strategy to create meaningful approaches to engage with consumers, users, and collectors in Web3, thereby facilitating individual ownership of brand experiences.

Building the World's 1st Metahub

We are creating dedicated physical spaces for blockchain and metaverse projects, providing resources and expertise for creators to use Web3 tech to re-invent brand experiences and storytelling to seamlessly bridge between physical and digital realms. #WENTokyo

Fiat-friendly Marketplace

We are developing a simple-to-use platform for creating, showcasing, and trading digital assets for everyday consumers, allowing easy management of NFT collections through seamless payment systems using fiat money in addition to mainstream cryptocurrencies.

About Metaplanet

We are a collective of strategists, marketers, creators, programmers, match-makers, and thought leaders built on deep expertise, turning strategies into stories and stories into experiences that engage & enrich communities on the global stage.


Keep up with the latest developments as we build the future together.